We offer two fast tanning Saturn sunbeds in private booths.

The 48 tube unit and fully hinged door ensure total surround full body tanning, feature a thermostatically controlled fan to keep you cool, and built-in timers to ensure your safety.

We use the very latest 0.3 Collatan Maxi-Twist and Blu-Infinity Twist tubes, fully compliant with all EU safety standards, ensuring you get a safe healthy tan.

These tubes offer a deep, longer lasting tan which continuously develops after each tanning session.

Collatan Twist Tubes offer the following benefits:
• Premium Tanning Results
• Rejuvenated Skin
• Younger looking skin
• Anti-ageing
• Reduction of fine line and wrinkles
• Production of Vitamin D
• Blemish free skin
• Stimulates blood circulation
• Stimulates collagen


Blu Infinity Tubes offer the following benefits:
• Helps with skin conditions including acne, psoriasis and eczema
• Cleanses and purifies the skin
• 100% tanning lamps

A range of great value packages are available below.

We also stock a range of ProTan tan boosting products.

Price List

3 minutes £3.00
6 minutes £5.00
9 minutes £7.00
12 minutes £8.00
60 minutes £20.00
90 minutes £25.00
120 minutes £27.50